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Mrs. Sartoris

Seventh Grade Science 

NOTE:  New material is continually added...keep checking for updates throughtout the year. It is organized by subject matter or units with links to provide additional practice, information and study help.  I will do my best to keep assignments and classwork posted on the calendar below for those who are absent.  

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304-624-3325 ext 5631

(8:45-9:20) or (2:00-2:30)

7th Grade Schedule

7:50- 8:37       First Period

8:40-9:27        Second Period

                     (team planning)

 9:30-10:20      Third Period

10:20-10:50    LUNCH

10:53-11:40     Fourth Period

11:43-12:30     Fifth Period

12:33- 1: 20     Sixth Period

  1:23- 2:15      Seventh Period

                        (planning period)

 2:15-2:45.     A/A or SPL


August 21 WIMS witnesses a Partal Solar Eclipse


We will be working on designing experiments using the Scientific Method. Our first investigation will be designing paper airplanes to determine which (design, length, weight) will fly the farthest distance!  Start researching paper airplanes!!! We're getting ready to fly them! 

Flame test activity!   Lithium chloride produces a crimson flame.  The students were excited to see all the pretty colors that the chlorine salts produced.  This was a favorite color!

Snow Day

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Human Body Systems

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Monthly Calendar

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Check out our paper rollercoasters from last spring!  The student's had a great time building and modifying their designs.  Great way to reinforce Newton's Laws of Motion!!



A special thanks to all of the parents and students who brought in deer hearts for us to dissect.  We had 34 total hearts to examine and study!   I was able to take a few pictures!


Some of our deer heart

dissection pictures from spring 2016 Enjoy!  It was such a great learning day!