443 Lee Avenue

Clarksburg, WV 26301




 1st Period                   Math 7                    7:50 - 8:37

 2nd Period         Team Planning            8:40 - 9:27

 3rd Period                  Math 7                  9:30 - 10:17

     Lunch                                                    10:20 - 10:50

 4th Period                  Math 7                  10:53 - 11:40

 5th Period                  Math 7                  11:43 - 12:30

 6th Period                  Math 8                   12:33 - 1:20

 7th Period                 Planning                 1:23 - 2:10 

   AA/SPL                                                     2:13 - 2:46

Mr. Leatherman
Math 7 / Math 8
Room: 214

Please feel free to log on to LiveGrades to check your child's progress and success throughout the year here:

West Virginia College Career and Readiness Standards can be found on this site:


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7th and 8th Grade Math Syllabus 2017-18

Course Goals:

Students and parents can find learning goals and objectives in the above “College Career and Readiness Standards” link.

Classroom ROCKS:

Respect: classmates, teachers, staff, etc. Be positive and helpful.

Organization: Have all your materials when you walk into the classroom. Go to the bathroom between classes. Be in your seat and working when the bell rings.  

Considerate/Care:  Do your best. Ask questions, participate in class, and pay attention. Help those around you.

Knowledge:  Listen and learn. Share what you know. 

Safety: Stay in your seat with all four legs on the floor. Know the drill procedures.


All grades will be done on a point system. Most regular activities such as weekly worksheets, classwork, or participation assignments are worth 10 to 30 points. Quizzes are worth 25-50 points. Any tests will be worth 50 or 100 points. Late work will receive a 10% penalty for each day it is late. Student grades can be found online at www.LiveGrades.com.


Students are NOT required to go out and buy any of the following, but here is a short list of recommended materials: 

Loose leaf notebook paper


Contact Information:

School Phone: (304) 624-3271 or LiveGrades.com