443 Lee Avenue

Clarksburg, WV 26301




 1st Period                   Math 7                    7:50 - 8:37

 2nd Period         Team Planning            8:40 - 9:27

 3rd Period                  Math 7                  9:30 - 10:17

     Lunch                                                    10:20 - 10:50

 4th Period                  Math 7                  10:53 - 11:40

 5th Period                  Math 7                  11:43 - 12:30

 6th Period                  Math 8                   12:33 - 1:20

 7th Period                 Planning                 1:23 - 2:10 

   AA/SPL                                                     2:13 - 2:46

Mr. Leatherman
Math 7 / Math 8
Room: 214

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West Virginia College Career and Readiness Standards can be found on this site:


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7th and 8th Grade Math Syllabus 2017-18

Course Goals:

Students and parents can find learning goals and objectives in the above “College Career and Readiness Standards” link.

Classroom ROCKS:

Respect: classmates, teachers, staff, etc. Be positive and helpful.

Organization: Have all your materials when you walk into the classroom. Go to the bathroom between classes. Be in your seat and working when the bell rings.  

Considerate/Care:  Do your best. Ask questions, participate in class, and pay attention. Help those around you.

Knowledge:  Listen and learn. Share what you know. 

Safety: Stay in your seat with all four legs on the floor. Know the drill procedures.


All grades will be done on a point system. Most regular activities such as weekly worksheets, classwork, or participation assignments are worth 10 to 30 points. Quizzes are worth 25-50 points. Any tests will be worth 50 or 100 points. Late work will receive a 10% penalty for each day it is late. Student grades can be found online at www.LiveGrades.com.


Students are NOT required to have any of the following, but here is a short list of recommended materials: 

Loose leaf notebook paper


Contact Information:

School Phone: (304) 624-3271 or LiveGrades.com