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"It's time for READcess!!!"


"Don't copy me; quote or paraphrase me."

"This class is primarily concerned with the process to arrive at correct answers, not copying correct answers."

Mr. Gigliotti

7th Grade Reading


ex: 5663

Course Goals:


-Student will improve reading, writing, and speaking:

  • Fluency (how smoothly and accurately one reads, writes or speaks)
  • Vocabulary (learning, knowing the meaning of, root, usage, and using words)
  • Critical thinking (comparing, contrasting, analyzing, rating, evaluating, creating, synthesizing)
  • Increase lexicon and Lexile score
  • Genre and types of writing

Classroom Environment: 

The classroom climate will be respectful, courteous, and challenging.  Teacher and student dignity is always apparent and vigorously guarded.

Academic Support:

Failure is not an option: it is the result of a series of options.  As such, students should expect to have discussions concerning quality of work, reading, homework, exams, and other class and educational matters with peers and instructor.  In and out of class student-teacher conferences will occur.

"Most Amazing Student Quotes from Class

"Don't let your wings be clipped." JJ

"Life is good but success is amazing." HB

"You think your reputation is small, but it is actually really big." AB

"Do your own work. Do not feed off of others' doings." QH 9/15

"Use work as you would use water." KS 9/15

"Instead of having someone else get your water, get your own!" MW 9/15

"Don't nibble off the work of others."  KB 9/15

"This is a noun and I know it!  Ancestor is a person."  KT 4/5

"What happens when you are caught plagiarizing? It looks like you can't do it yourself." CY 3/8

"Summary is taking a basketball and shrinking it to a golf ball." ME 3/7

"Producers produce produce." PS 2/16

"Hey Mr. G guess what.  I'm halfway finished with my book already." TY 12/21

"She is saying that we cannot change the past but can always change the future."GJIG 12/6

"A rustic old cabin is a palace to a new settler." LR 11/28

"I've noticed the differences between the two tables." JW 11/1

"I've always wondered this: why do they say 'A for effort' shouldn't it be 'E'?" VL 9/29

"What's the difference between effect and affect?" AM 9/29

"Does mingle have an adverb?" SD 9/28

"I can change it into an adverb: professionally." MP 9/28

"May I stand up?" JP 9/21

"Is the number 10 beside weight a footnote?" TG 9/20

"Can I look up the spelling on the computer?" JB 9/16

"To read at an appropriate rate, students must be sure to stick the tempo and spirit of the text."  JM 9/12

"If you want to be successful, you have to fix the road."  TY  9/8

"Isn't it 'There are no shortcuts on the road to success.' ?" NC 9/8

"You always are learning new things and that is why the road to success is always under construction."  SH 9/8

"There's always something you can do before you continue on."  ZM 9/8

"It's the empty space!" JP 9/1

"In the first sentence without the comma, Becky is belittling the little boy that has a fluffy duck.  In the second sentence, Becky is teasing him with the fluffy duck."  MS 9/1

"I am feeling proactive today."  DS 9/1

"The comma makes a difference by telling who has the duck."  JH 8/31

"The sentence does not need a comma."  TY 8/30/16 1:43 PM

"A synonym for ceremony is ritual." NC 8/19/16

"Their blankets are in the washer!!!" ZF 8/19/16

"May I place my binder on my desk so that I can get right to work when I come back from lunch?"  MW 8/19/16

"Our country requires schooling so it will help society and the economy in the long run."  SH 8/17/16

"What's the difference between a hyphen and a dash?" JS 5/17

"What are you pushing back?" JR 5/4

"Inferentiation?" RM 5/2

"Look at my binder.  It's exploding, like all of the information in my brain!" PH 4/28

"Bean plants can grow in gravel." Mrs. Martin 4/21

"It says here that reality is both a noun and an adjective; is that even possible?!?" TM 4/20

"Is it ok that I read this book while I'm helping him?" WB 4/20

"Mr. G, did you know that all of the letters for typewriter are all in the top row of letters on the keyboard?" KB 4/8

"There's more evidence for question and answer because of the title and subheadings." HS 3/31

"I think its more compare and contrast because it is comparing and contrasting ants to Google."  TE 3/31

"Can I take an AR test?" PW 3/30

"I got a new book!" BT 3/30

"In this case, isn't 'effect' spelled with an /e/ ?" PW 3/30 

"Principalace?" AL 3/18

"If you want to speak well you must know your audience SEMICOLON you must know their age, humor, beliefs, knowledge, and where they come from." CH 3/18

"May I have summ-ize tea?" AC 3/15

"-Ize -Ize Baby" CH 3/15

"I know I've been in your class too long because I annotated the dos and don'ts for my braces."  MG 2/11

"Let me finish annotating!" HS 1/29

"This secondary source contains primary sources because of the photographs." OF 1/8

"Contrary is like when my mom says "You're digging a deeper hole.'" MP 12/11

"Why are hurricanes named after people?" AN 12/10

"Can mine be used as an example?" BV 12/7

"I looked into the text 'Coming to America' and found, 'In 1869 when the last spike was hammered into place at Promontory Point, Utah, immigrants were unemployed.'" RN 11/16

"This says 'United Sates' it should be 'United States.'" OF 11/10

"In the text it says 1910 to 1940." AF 11/10

"Can we use the back of the page if there isn't enough room on the front?" AF 11/10

"I looked up that question you asked in class about hills." OF 11/6

"So now we just use our brains." GH 11/6

"Based on the signal words in the text, I would say that it is compare and contrast." AF 10/29

"Now I understand why it's different and not diffrent.  Its from when somebody says 'I beg to differ.' " DA 10/8

"We are building our brains together to make a bridge." CH 10/8

"I've always wanted to see myself through someone else's perspective because I want to see how other people see me and judge me." AC 10/8

"This picture to me means that if I could see through your eyes, I would understand your feelings, thoughts and likenesses." JM 10/8

"Just because someone does not agree with you does not mean they are wrong.  It means they have a different perspective." SL 10/8

"This picture teaches that you don't know what other people think of you until you see yourself in their glasses." TM 10/7

"Just cause a painting looks bad to you, someone can say 'Wow, that is one courageous painting you have.'" MP 10/7

"Write! Focus! We only have 5 minutes!" AC 10/7

"Is spectacle the root word for spectacular?" JS 10/6

"What is an intransitive verb?" JS 10/6

"Art is my specialty, writing is my speciality." AG 10/6

"Point of view is like point of you." TE 10/5

"Are they all nouns?" TH 10/1

"What does phonetics mean, Mr. G?" TH 9/29

"Ecosystemology?" JM 9/30

"Is this a good start?" BV 9/25

"Is dissent used with an object in the text?" SR 9/25

"Mr. G., I'm ready to discuss my work with you." KL 9/25

"Aren't their antonyms just each other?" AC 9/23 

"This class plants a seed inside my head that sprouts and explodes out of it." JS 9/21

"Time sure goes by quickly when you're focused and working hard." TH 9/17

"The longer you whine, the longer it takes you to learn." GS 9/17

"May I add a suffix to the vocabulary?"  NP 9/16

"This is the class that makes my hand hurt." CH 9/16

"May I use a copy of the text?" AF 9/16

The answer to the absentee's favorite question:

"What did I miss?"



Define repetition and anaphora.

"I Have a Dream" lined numbered text w instructions

MLK Diamond 4 Square Page 1

MLK Diamond 4 Square Page 2

MLK Paragraph Writing

Illusion vs Allusion vs Elusion vs Delusion Due 50 Points



Continue Illusion vs. Allusion vs. Elusion vs. Delusion

Allusion Worksheet

Allusion Worksheet 2

Allusion Powerpoint

5 Allusions Powerpoint


Homework: Read 20 minutes.

Continue Illusion vs. Allusion vs. Elusion vs. Delusion





Click Plot Diagram for "Amigo Brothers" text.

This is a text object. Click once to move and resize. Right-click to bring up menu with options.






-Mrs. Martin





Anaphora 2

What is anaphora? Definition and Examples

Anaphora and Epistrophe

Use Repetition

Parallelism Structure Examples

Repetition vs Parallelism pic

Parallelism vs Anaphora 2 pic

Parallelism: Everyday Grammar Video

Parallelism: Shmoop Video

Parallelism in Grammar Video

Interactive "I Have a Dream"

"I Have a Dream" text pdf (primary source)

"I Have a Dream" video (youtube link in case)

"I Have a Dream" Rhetorical Devices

Post Reading Digital Test (Print Answers)

"I Have a Dream" Visualization Lesson


Illusion vs. Allusion Dictionary.com article

Grammarist Allusion vs. Elusion vs. Illusion

Allusion Worksheet

Allusion Worksheet 2

Allusion Powerpoint

5 Allusions Powerpoint


10 Award Winning Optical Illusions

Point of View vs Perspective Prezi

Narrative Perspective PowerPoint
Optical Illusions PowerPoint

EReading Worksheets

Perspective Game

Point of View Millionaire

Star Size Comparison video

If the Moon were a pixel

9 Mind-Blowing Comparisons Assignment

9 Mind-Blowing Comparisons Article


  1. What kind of student are you?
  2. Learning Styles Quiz
  3. Which study habits can you improve?
  4. Multiple Intelligences Self-Assessment  then read Multiple Intelligences Examples 
  5. What is My Learning Style?



Text Features PowerPoint

Traits of Nonfiction - Scholastic

Informational Text Features Purposes

Text Features Review Game: Bouncing

Text Features Review Game: Free Kick

Text Features Review Game: Wild Taxi

Rags to Riches: Text Features

Text Features Rags to Riches

Text Features Rags to Riches 2

Text Features Rags to Riches 3

Fiction vs Nonfiction Jeopardy

Fiction vs Nonfiction Jeopardy 2

World's Most Beautiful Libraries

360 of Trinity College Library

The Art of Annotating- Slide Show

Scrabble Word Finder

"Schools work to teach importance of goal setting with students" 

"Amigo Brothers"

Temperance Fountain

Slocum Memorial

Samuel S. Cox Monument

Plot Diagram Review Jeopardy




How to Speak Well and Confidently 

How to Read Faster by Looking at Phrases

Project: Project! The Best Exercise to Project Your Voice 

How to Project Your Voice on Stage 

Project your voice without shouting: the importance of consonants 

Great Horned Owl Hooting At Sunset - YouTube

Great Horned Owl Calls


1. Partner Read: Article "I was 11 on 9/11"

2. Interactive Constitution

3. Which Founder Are You? Game

4. Lincoln's Crossroads Game

5. APartner read this to prepare for game

B. Bill of Rights Game

6. (Bonus up to 100) Seize the Vote Game

7. (Bonus up to 100) Constitutional Timeline



6-8 Spelling Bee Game

Wordtris Game

128 Words to use instead of "Very"

Making Words Plural Infographic

15 Most Common Spelling Mistakes

UK VS. US Spelling

Grammar Cheat Sheet

GAME: -ANCY Bouncing

GAME: -ENCY Against the Clock

GAME: -ENCY Word Search

The Well-Spoken Thesaurus

VIDEO: How many words are there in the English language?

Their, There, They're - Dictionary.com

Gray vs Grey - Dictionary.com

Presume vs Assume - Dictionary.com

Affect vs Effect - Dictionary.com


How to use a semicolon

How to use a semicolon - Emma Bryce




Lexicon: EPI- from Membean

Lexicon: TAIN/tenere 


Name the Longer Form of these Clipped Words35 Interesting Facts about Inaugurations
10 Things to Remember About Memorial Day

Why Do Students Get Summers Off?

Why Do Americans Smile So Much?

Poland's Prettiest Painted Village

How Hand Sanitizer Works Video

The Mesmerizing Beauty of Birds in Flight Video


Inference: Rags to Riches 

Rags to Riches 7th

Inference Riddles

Inference: Detective Notebook PBSKids

Inference: Battleship

Inference/ Street of Dreams Fitbrains


Identifying Acceptable Paraphrases

The Tell-Tale Heart Paraphrase

Paraphrasing RMIT University

BrainPop Paraphrasing Movie Transcript

Article Direct Quotation and Paraphrase


Charlie Brown's Steps to Summarizing

NY Times Skills Practice Summarizing

Harvard's Guide to Summarizing, Paraphrasing, and Quoting

Paraphrasing vs. Summarizing

Quote, Paraphrase or Summarize Prezi

Rags to Riches


StopBullying.Gov Games

CyberBully Zombies Attack

PBS Go! Beat the Bully

Bullies and Bystanders Videos

CyberBullying CrossWord Printout


Sequence Game

Sequence Game #2

Sequence Game #3

Sequence Activity

 Build a story


Word Buster  (like Word Bubbles)

Word Boss

Word Maker





Grammar Ninja

BigBot (synonyms + math)

Jumble Kids

Alpha-Bot (spelling)

English Language Arts Online Reading Games

Vocabulary Can be Fun!

Free Rice


Wild Word Garden-FitBrains Classic
Paradise Island-Fitbrains Classic

Paradise Island 2- Fitbrains Classic

Super Word Scrapers -FitBrains Classic

Street of Dreams -FitBrains Classic

Pandara's Boutique -FitBrains Classic

Busy Bistro -FitBrains Classic

Treasure Hunt -FitBrains Classic

Letter Drop on Brainspade.com


"Owl Moon" Fluency and Phrasing Recordings

1st Period

3rd Period (end)

4th Period

5th Period

6th Period

SPL Links

Video: Changing Between

Mixed to Improper

Improper to Mixed



Our Favorite Books!!!

Sandwich Shop

Trailblazing Introductions/ Conclusions

FUNBRAIN 7th Grade Books and Games

Fact Monster: Online Dictionary/Encyclopedia


Online Map Grid Reference Activity

TodaysMeet.com Weekly Discussion



"I Have a Dream" lined numbered text w instructions

MLK Diamond 4 Square Page 1

MLK Diamond 4 Square Page 2

MLK Paragraph Writing

Why is MLK Day Celebrated on Monday?

Illusion vs Allusion vs Elusion vs Delusion

Perspective - Lexicon

13 Everyday Phrases that Came from Shakespeare Assignment

13 Everyday Phrases PowerPoint

13 Everyday Phrases Web

Your Amazing Brain and Paragraph Assignment

Learning Styles Sample Assignment

Learning Styles Diamond (use 1-5 links under "HOW DO I LEARN?")

Learning Styles Inventory Printout

9 Fun Facts about the Schwa

Text Features Table Assignment

Fiction vs. Nonfiction table and fill in the blanks

Fiction vs. Nonfiction text

Movie vs. Text "All Summer in a Day" Compare and Contrast

"All Summer in a Day" Video

Diamond "All Summer in Day" page 1, page 2

"All Summer in a Day" by Ray Bradbury Text

Illusion vs Allusion vs Elusion vs Delusion

Tompkins Square Park Nonfiction Assignment

7th Grade Annotation Guide (Class Notes)

Annotation Notes

 Accompanying Article and PRINTABLE WORD DOC

"The Boring Class" 

Lexicon: Bore me to tears

The Character of Characters

Lexicon: Plot a course to multiple meanings

Theme Machine and Explanation

"Amigo Brothers" By Piri Thomas Text

"Amigo Brothers" Vocabulary

 What happens when friends compete? Journal Prompt

Vocabulary Page for class texts

"Amigo Brothers" Plot Line Complete

Plot Line/Story Diagram

Lexicon: Narrative

Lexicon: Exposition

Owl Moon Student Phrases

Fluency Reflection Evaluation

Printout for Computer Diamond Assignments

Instructions for Computer Days

Constitution Day Assignment

Lexicon: "Quote" and (Parenthesis)

Lexicon: Punctuation = Point Out!

Lexicon: Labor Day

ROCKS Sentences

Familiar vs. Academic

Level-Up Your Lexicon: Agitate vs. Aggravate???????

Buddy/Tandem Computer Partners Guidelines