Option Pathway

The Option Pathway is designed for the "at risk" student that is lacking the number of credits required for graduation.  Through the Option Pathway, students that have an interest in the Career Pathway (career ready) can be recommended for placement testing.

Upon admittance into the Option Class, students will spend a 1/2 day prepping for the High School Equivalency Test aka HiSET and a 1/2 day in an appropriate career technical education (CTE) class.

If students can satisfy the following criteria they can earn a high school diploma under Option 1.

  1. Students must complete and pass all five sections of the high school equivalency test (LA/Reading, LA/Writing, Science, Social Studies, and Math) with a "C" or above.  

  2. Students must complete a 21st century career readiness curriculum.

  3. Students must be a "completer" or pass the four required core classes as prescribed by their CTE program standards.

  4. Students must pass the ENd of Concetration Performance Assessment within their CTE program if applicable. 

In addition to Option 1, Option 2 is a credit recovery option for seniors only, while Option 3 can be exercised for a student who may have a compelling reason for withdrawing from school.

Options 1 and 2 will lead a student to a high school diploma while Option 3 will allow that student the opportunity to earn a high school equivalency diploma prior to leaving high school.  A successful Option 3 will not count as a "drop out" towards his or her high school's dropout rate.