HCS Employee Handbook


Dear Employee:

The beginning of a school year reminds us of the awesome responsibility and infinite possibilities each of us holds in our hands for tomorrow’s youth. The service and professional employees of West Virginia’s seventh largest school system serve as mentors and leaders to the youth in our community, and you personally share the responsibility of insuring that our students receive a well-rounded and excellent educational program. Let this handbook serve as a guide to help you better understand your employment responsibility and benefits, and to give an overview of the system. You may find additional information on www.harcoboe.net as well. If you have questions that are not answered by this publication, please discuss them with your principal or immediate supervisor. I know that, like me, you begin this school year filled with hope, vision, and excitement for our students and the communities we serve.


Dora L. Stutler

Mission Statement

The mission of Harrison County Schools is to achieve excellence in education, through partnership with home and community, so that each student becomes a lifelong learner, a responsible citizen, and a productive member of society.

Policy 3102 Equal Opportunity Employment Statement of Purpose

The Harrison County Board of Education shall extend equal employment opportunities to all qualified persons in all occupations and at all levels of occupation without regard to sex, race, handicap, religion, color, national origin, and ancestry. The Harrison County Board of Education shall not discriminate against nor grant preferential treatment to any person on account of that person’s sex, race, handicap, religion, color, national origin, or ancestry. All employment policies and practices, including salaries, hiring, promotion, transfer, and fringe benefits of employment, shall be provided without discrimination or preferential treatment on any of the aforementioned basis.

General Information


The Finance Department is responsible for an annual budget of approximately $135 million dollars. In addition to the general operating and special revenue budgets and expenses, the department handles the payroll and related benefits for more than 1,500 regular and substitute Harrison County employees. In addition, the department also handles all of United Technical Center’s payroll and related benefits, as well as their operating budget and expenses. The Finance Department is also responsible for reviewing and auditing the internal controls and accounting records at each school.


The Harrison County Human Resources Department is committed to service to the school system’s 1,500 professional and service employees and substitutes. Whether an employee is seeking employment with or retirement from West Virginia’s seventh largest school district, he seeks the assistance of our department. However, Human Resources is more than ensuring employees complete paperwork.

Our Mission:

In support of Harrison County Schools principles, values, vision, and mission, the Human Resources Department will provide innovative, accessible and supportive resources to leverage the growth of the system’s most valued asset: its people.

Our Goals:

  • Develop an attitude of teamwork with employees to ensure quality day-to-day operations.

  • Provide an atmosphere of support, trust, caring, guidance, and efficiency.

  • Create opportunities for mentorship and growth to maximize employee potential throughout the system.

  • Seize opportunities that demonstrate excellent execution and a sense of urgency.

  • Reduce waste to the environment and of time through continuous evaluation and improvement activities

  • Commit to an open, equitable, ethical, and consistent pursuit of uncompromising quality in effort and product.

  • Increase opportunities that communicate change in policy, legislation, and beliefs so that employees have a sense of awareness, preparation, growth, and protection.