Harrison County Board of Education Excess Levy

Sustaining our investment in our students, our staff, and our schools.


Free Texbooks

Free Breakfast and Lunch

Free Admission To Games*

*See below for details

School Library Books and Supplies

What Is Included For Employees?

We greatly values the contributions of our staff in enhancing the educational and extracurricular experience of our students. To recognize and support these efforts, the school excess levy provides funding for supplemental salaries for a variety of extracurricular and extra duty roles. Key components of this funding include:

What is included for students and families?

We are committed to enhancing the educational experience of all our students and staff members through the support of the school excess levy. Below are key components of the levy that will directly benefit our community:

What About The Arts?

We are dedicated to fostering a rich and diverse arts education for our students. As part of the school excess levy, substantial funding is allocated to ensure that our arts programs are well-equipped and accessible. Below are the details of how the levy supports various arts disciplines:

What About Special Education?

We are committed to ensuring that all students, including those with special needs, receive a comprehensive and tailored educational experience. Our school excess levy supports this commitment by providing critical funding for our special education, guidance, and speech therapy programs. Here's how the funding is allocated:

How Does The Levy Address Facilities and Transportation?

We recognizes the importance of maintaining and enhancing our school facilities, transportation, and support for extracurricular activities. The school excess levy plays a crucial role in funding these areas to ensure a safe, functional, and engaging environment for our students. Here’s an overview of the allocations:

How Does The Levy Address Technology?

We are dedicated to advancing educational outcomes through substantial investments in technology. This focus is reflected in the strategic allocation of funds through the school excess levy, aimed at continually enhancing our instructional and support programs. Below are the specific allocations for technology from the latest levy:

What Are Some Of The Other Community Benefits?

We are proud to support our community's educational resources beyond the traditional school settings through the school excess levy. Here's how the levy contributes to these valuable community programs: