Student Assistance Team (SAT)

What is SAT?

The Student Assistance Team (SAT) is a general education process required by law, designed to meet the needs of all students that have academic, behavior, attendance, or social concerns which impact academic performace both positively or negatively. The SAT is a data-driven decision making committee that meets on a scheduled basis to receive referrals (from teachers, parents, students, or other professionals) to find support for concerns affecting the student’s progress within the general education curriculum. Also, students displaying advanced cognitive/academic skills or exceptional talented abilities are referred to the SAT.

Why SAT?

The purpose of the SAT is to develop interventions to address the child’s needs in order to improve his or her success in school. The information collected will be used to develop intervention strategies to ensure the student’s success towards the mastery of content standards. The SAT does not determine the eligibility for other services.

Who are SAT Members?

The SAT consists of at least three persons, including a school administrator or designee, who shall serve as the chairperson, a current teacher, and other appropriate stakeholders. The SAT Chair is responsible for scheduling meetings, providing notice to all individuals including parents, and collection of all paperwork for each case.

When Preparing for the SAT meeting?

Parent Questionnaire

  • My child’s strengths are (hobbies, skills, etc.):

  • Concerns for my child are:

  • Expectations I have for my child are:

Student Questionnaire

  • I am good at:

  • Things I like about school are:

  • My concerns are:


Meetings take place at your child’s school.