Kindergarten Report Card Info

Kindergarten is such an exciting year of physical, social, and academic development and we are proud to play a part in educating your child!

The education of each student at each grade level is guided by the WV Department of Education’s NxG (Next Generation) content standards that were developed to meet the needs of each developmental milestone.

Your child’s kindergarten report card has been designed to help you understand the level of knowledge and understanding toward each standard.  Attached in this booklet is a list of each standard for kindergarten students (left column) followed by a description of what knowledge determines one of the four assessment levels.  Levels are determined by what skills have been observed throughout the school setting.

Students are constantly learning, at home, at play, and at school.  Please understand that teaching occurs all school year long and students MAY be emerging in a skill that will still be a focus later in the kindergarten year.

As your child continues to learn, we ask that you review the kindergarten report card and match up the assessment level with the description in the booklet.  This will help with your understanding of what your child knows, what you may help them work on at home, and how much they grow throughout the school year.

An overall description of the four assessment levels include: 

  • (E)  Emerging – Evolving in knowledge and understanding

  • (D)  Developing – Advancing toward knowledge and understanding

  • (S)  At Standard – Demonstrates knowledge of standard (goal by the end of kindergarten)

  • (A)  Above Standard – Exceeds grade level expectation of knowledge

We hope this new report card format helps increase the understanding of your child’s exciting education growth this kindergarten year!

Understanding Your Kindergarten Report Card


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