Conference Funding Schedule

2023 - 2024

Grades Pre-K to 5th

2024 - 2025

Grades 6th - 9th

2025 - 2026

Grades 9th - 12th

Professional Staff

Development Council

Staff development consists of high-quality professional, educational training options to meet the needs of county educational systems.  The training options will inform teachers of current educational trends and teaching techniques.  Staff development enhances and extends the teacher education component by providing alternatives for fulfilling the professional and personal growth of public school personnel.  These alternatives represent the means available to professional personnel to develop and expand assignments after initial professional or vocational certification.

The Harrison County Board of Education recognizes the need to provide a high quality work environment.  Ongoing professional staff development for all personnel is essential to enhancing improved teaching and student learning.  Professional staff development should be a continuous, developmental process ultimately based on staff needs.  All professional staff, under contract, are required to participate in job-related staff development embedded within contractual year.