A Guide to Transition Services

The Arc of Harrison County

 The purpose of the ARC is to promote opportunities and relationships for persons with disabilities and to educate our community.  The principles of integration, independence, empowerment and freedom of choice are inherent principles of this mission.

The Autism Training Center

The Autism Training Center serves anyone, regardless of age, who has a primary diagnosis of Autism, Asperger's Disorder, or Pervasive Developmental Disorder and who lives in WV. 

Center for Excellence in Disabilities

The Center for Excellence in Disabilities (CED) works with individuals with disabilities, their families, and state, local and federal agencies to realize opportunities and overcome challenges for people with developmental and other disabilities of all ages. 

United Summit Center

This agency provides a variety of services designed to help individuals function independently.  The United Summit Center provides case management services to link and refer people to community resources, including job placement with a job coach.

WV Advocates

WV Advocates, Inc (WVA) is the federally mandated protection and advocacy system for people with disabilities in WV.  WVA is a private, nonprofit agency.  Services are confidential and free of charge.

ResCare WV

ReHeadlinesCare provides a full spectrum of supports both in the natural home and community for both children and adults.  All of the services provided are individualized through a person-centered support plan that is carried out by direct support professionals who work with each person.

WorkForce WV

Workforce is a public agency established as a liaison with job seekers, employers and training centers.  Workforce provides services such as Civil Services information, resume pHeadlinereparation, employment counseling, veteran's services, and job training programs.

WV Division of Rehabilitation Services (WVDRS)

The WV Division of Rehabilitation Services is a state government agency whose mission is to enable and empower people with disabilities to work and live independently.  The DRS School Counselor can help students with disabilities prepare for a chosen career after leaving high school.

REM Community Options

REM is a member of the MENTOR network which operates in the majority of the states.  WV Services include the full array of Title XIX Medicaid Waiver services.  REM can also assist the individual or family member in applying for the Waiver services.

Community Action of WV

Community Action of WV provides three (3) programs:  

  • Head Start

  • Rural Transportation

  • Family Services/Case Management. 

Criss Cross Incorporated

Criss-Cross is a United Way Agency.  Although they offer several services, the Representative Payee Program and Consumer Credit Counseling Services are two that may be of interest in helping citizens in need of assistance managing finances.

Empowerment through Employment

Empowerment through Employment provides a place of sheltered employment and a training ground throughout the community for those who are ready to enter the world of competitive employment. 

Job Squad

Job Squad (JSI) is a community rehabilitation program that provides two services:  Employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities and Supported Employment Services, which assist individuals with support needs as they pursue employment with community businesses.