Congratulations to all of the participants! 

DivisionCategoryProject TitleParticipants
IAnimal ScienceDog Paw PreferenceAddyson Wright1st
IChemistryIs Brand Best?Landon Leach1st
IEarth & EnvironmentalDown to Earth It's Crystal ClearLayla Hartzell Alvee Barkley1st
IEnergyPoop PowerMichaelan Wolfe1st
IEngineeringIncandescent LightbulbIsaac Spurling1st
IPhysics & AstronomyStatic or MagicSamuel Mazza1st
IPlant ScienceEnergy and PhotosynthesisSalma Rajjoub1st
IIAnimal ScienceTime to FlyDmitry Miller1st
IIChemistryFire ExtinguisherDylan Miller1st
IIEarth & EnvironmentalHow Healthy are Our RiversZoe Whitescarver Veena Raol1st
IIMedical ScienceDo Identical Twins Have More Similar FingerprintsAllyson Day1st
IIPhysics & AstronomyEverday ParachutesTrinity Wray1st
IIIEarth & EnvironmentalTrash the AshMichael Romano1st
IAnimal ScienceDo Dogs Have a Preference When Eating from Different Colored BowlsJacob Means2nd
IChemistryGreen Hair?  Don't Care!Aubry Reed2nd
IEarth & EnvironmentalHow Does a Wind Meter WorkGavin Sponaugle2nd
IEnergyDo Darker Colors Absorb Heat Faster Than Lighter ColorsSamuel Thompson2nd
IEngineeringPower of Air:  Can Air be Used to Lift Objects?Bentley Tonkery2nd
IPhysics & AstronomyWill it Go the Distance or Show Resistance?Uriah McWhorter2nd
IPlant ScienceGrowing New RootsRiver Greathouse Letty Todd2nd
ITechnologyCan you Hear Me NowJack Tobrey2nd
IIAnimal ScienceSniffing Out My Dog's Favorite ColorIsaac Boyce2nd
IiChemistryFastest Frosty DrinksLeah Bice2nd
IIEnergyWhat Emits More Radiaton:  Text or CallAmber Vincent2nd
IAnimal ScienceBye Bye Fruit FliesJozee Fincham Anais Garcia Abbey Heffinger3rd
IChemistryMy "Egg"sperimentAustin Pulice3rd
IEarth & EnvironmentalShape MattersLevi Turner3rd
IEngineeringWhatever Floats Your BoatBrynn Sickles3rd
IPhysics & AstronomyHot Air BalloonsAustin Thomas3rd
IPlant ScienceRosey RainbowLilly Rankl Raeleigh Shaver3rd