Harrison County Board of Education

About Our District

Harrison County Schools offers its students the finest in educational programming through an innovative and comprehensive curriculum that prepares each student for a productive pathway beyond high school. The Elementary Curriculum (K-5) begins with a dynamic, activity-oriented kindergarten program, which introduces students to the wonders of their environment, gives them an appreciation for others, and provides them with successful learning experiences. 


The mission of Harrison County Schools is to achieve excellence in education, through partnership with home and community, so that each student becomes:

  • a life-long learner

  • a responsible citizen

  • a productive member of society

Core Beliefs

  • All students can succeed.

  • All students benefit from an education that is the shared responsibility of the school, family, and community.

  • All students shall be provided a mentally and physically healthy, safe,  and substance-free environment.

  • All students can be a lifelong learner and productive citizens.

  • All students should demonstrate positive character, civility, and integrity.

Prioritized Strategic Areas of Focus

  • Improve student success and relationship with math.

  • Increase student success in ELA with emphasis on writing.

  • Reduce chronic absenteeism.

  • Evaluate and refine health and safety protocols.

  • Seek ways to engage local businesses and industries and families to produce sustainable connections.